What did you do to improve your finances today?

This was one of my favourite threads on the old forum, and since there doesn't seem to be one here yet, I thought I'd create one :-)

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  • I thought about buying a new coat, then considered having the zip pockets of the old coat I love repaired, after that thought I’d buy the zips and repair the pockets myself and in the end found some zips at home I can use :-).

    And I upcycled this backpack I was given, into a present for my nephews 10th birthday. I’m quite content.

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      Powder Blue Pony Excellent!! :)

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  • Last year I cut ties with Cable and moved to Philo for $20 a month. I have enjoyed streaming with the service and don't miss cable. But I only watch a handful of the shows on Philo. Now Discovery Plus came out and the overlap between the shows they offer and the ones I watch on Philo is exact. (Like it was made for me!) 

    Discovery plus is $4.99 a month with ads and $6.99 a month without ads. That is already way cheaper than Philo - which does have commercials (some you can skip and some you can't.

    BUT now they are offering a 'gift' special. I was able to gift myself a year of Discovery plus for $59. (A little under $5.00 a month.) There is only one show that I like to watch that isn't on Discovery Plus as far as I can tell. But going from $240 to $59 for the year makes that a very acceptable trade-off. I have the rest of February on my Philo account to binge-watch that show and also make sure I add my 'fav' list from one service to the other.

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  • Good day. I am new 2021 YNABer.

    I am for about a decade minimalist and now on budget. I try to live as cheap as possible. I mean I have no need to live with nothing eating grass, but I do try to live with as little as possible. This is handy because eventually you get used to it. For me it means no, or let's say less, shopping. I completely avoid malls. All of them.

    I avoid to spend on fresh things. If you want new. You can buy new all year long.

    I buy phones, laptops, furniture, literally anything to last. Make your money work and buy with it stuff to work. My phone, it's so old eventually, most of people have newer. I do not care. My washing machine is 8 year old thing and I do not care. At all. As long as it works, I am more than happy, this is minimalism. Minimalism.

     I literally stopped traveling. To Düsseldorf. To Amsterdam. To Anything. Really.

    I literally hate traveling abroad now as it asks too much wasted hours in airport, too much effort to find best deals and besides of that it is also costly. I don't want to live for my next vacation... not very happy.

    I buy discounted traveling ticket and go instead to explore my country. This pays usually under 10 euros and I can walk endlessly trying to navigate my life budget in mind. If you can, please stop traveling abroad. Without traveling and spending my precious free time at the malls I finally can enjoy my stress-free life forever.

    You don't miss that new iPhone. You don't miss that new fashion. You miss financial freedom.

    This is why I am using YNAB to make it even greater.

    No matter what is your income, you can  save now. I tried to live on one thousand euros a month for few months as a joke. It worked. Now I am living under 800 euros a month and it works. Saving the rest for a need.

    What need? Stop wasting your money to merchants, and save for your greatest future!

    When one of your pastime is your budget, it is your destination fantasy.

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  • switched from AT&T to xfinity mobile for my cell phone and am saving $29/month. small wins add up

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  • Since I had some off time today, I decided to take a closer look at my recurring subscriptions and realized I could save a whole lot more by going into the annual plan for the services I knew I was going to use. I cancelled two subscriptions for minor things and didn't save a whole lot there, but I sat down to do the math and calculated how much money I'm saving with my annual subscriptions that I switched compared to paying monthly.

    My annual savings as of today is now $105.40, so that's a good chunk of money I get to budget into other things now.

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