How to migrate YNAB 3 budget to new YNAB app?

I bought YNAB 3 in October 2011 and have been using it on my laptop(s) ever since. I now want to use the new phone app (version 2.2), but I can't figure out how to bring my old budget data and settings into the new app. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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  • Unfortunately I don't think that is possible. The two mobile apps (YNAB and YNAB Classic) are specific to web-based YNAB and YNAB 4 respectively. I also don't think that there is a way to import a YNAB 3 budget into web-based YNAB (YNAB 4 has a specific process to import into web-based YNAB but it requires a bit of clean up once it is imported).

  • Hi Coral Keyboard !


    To migrate your budget from YNAB 3, you'll need to take a short pit stop in YNAB 4 first. Here are the steps:

    Create your new YNAB account if you haven’t already.
    Download YNAB 4.
    – When prompted, enter this key: 4RC74-8GBGL-DYYG8-NEHS3-MNCPK-3MZXK-63D3M-GLEA (it's a temporary key, which expires April 1st)
    – Now, open your YNAB 3 budget in YNAB 4.


    Now, you're ready to migrate your YNAB 4 budget to the new YNAB:
    – In YNAB 4, select “Migrate to the New YNAB” from the File menu in YNAB 4.
    – Select which budget you’d like to migrate to the new YNAB.
    – Follow the prompts.
    Adjust your budget in the new YNAB if needed.


    Let me know how it goes! 😊

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    • Jannelle  I am 1 year later... is there still a current way to do this?  I have so much history and budgets that I don't want to lose.  I cannot figure out how to download YNAB4 to upgrade my YNAB3.  Thanks

    • Turquoise Mill I'm about to send you an email with some options—but most likely we WILL be able to help you migrate that budget.

  • Loooong time YNAB user here.  I'm even later that Tourquise Mill.  Can I still take that "short pit stop" to YNAB 4 so I can migrate my YNAB 3 budget to YNAB 4.  Than, I will zip that YNAB 4 file and migrate it to use with the web-based YNAB.  Please help!  I plan on upgrading to Catalina, but I still want to use YNAB.   Can I get a temporary activation key for YNAB 4?

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    • Hi Salmon Device !

      I've sent you an email with instructions and a temporary YNAB 4 password. :)

      Let me know if that gives you any trouble!

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