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not sure if this is the rigth forum, but here goes. 

I have a funny balance on my credit card that I can't fathom out. First off, everything balances and reconciles, so I know my basis is correct. However, on the budget screen , the available amount set aside for payment to my Credit card is £3640.03, but the credit card balance is 3601.82. I can't see where that additional £38.21 has come from. The balance is correct. 

Where's that additional amount in available and set aside come from?

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  • There are a number of reasons why your credit card payment category may not match your account not balance. Here is a resource from a YNAB instructor. 


  • Since the old forum is locked behind user registration, here's the list:


    • starting balance on a paid-in-full card - category is lower
    • overspending - category is lower
    • uncategorized transactions - category is lower
    • outgoing transfers to other on-budget accounts (e.g., gift card account, mixed funding splits) - category is lower
    • purchase/cash-back rewards (should be categorized to TBB) - category is higher
    • categorizing item returns as TBB (should use the original spending category instead) - category is higher
    • reconciliation adjustment - category is lower for an outflow adjustment, higher for an inflow adjustment
    • taking the account balance positive - category should be $0 in this case
  • Thanks Both, I'll have a review and see what's caused it.

  • So, I've gone through it, and I can't for the life of me find the extra "available" budget. I can't be bothered to look anymore, so how do i just balance it off? 

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      Enter -38.21 in the budget cell for the credit card.

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  • Many thanks!

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