Upcoming Reimbursable Expenses

Hi! New YNAB-ber here. Slowly getting into the YNAB way of budgeting, and I'm digging it so far. I've given every dollar a job, and started budgeting for stuff, so that's all good. I'm about to go on a trip for work, so I know I'll have some expenses - food, transportation, etc. - that I'll spend, but I know will get reimbursed for. 

I'm wondering how to handle that with my budget. Should I must move money from categories that I've already budgeted for, or from savings, until I get my reimbursement check?


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  • Since you're spending you're money first, you'll need to budget for the expenditure.  

    Depending on how long the reimbursement can be expected to take usually guides me in deciding where the funds come from.  If I'm going to be reimbursed quickly, I take it from a category that is funded and spent every month and vice versa.  TBH it doesn't matter where it comes from so long as it's budgeted.  Utilise the notes section to leave a reminder that you took $xxx from this category.

    When I get reimbursed I budget the income back to my reimbursed expenses category not TBB.

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  • I'd suggest recording all those work-travel related expenses under a single category, e.g. "Reimbursable Expenses" instead of mixing them into other (personal) spending categories you may have like "Food" or "Gas."

    That way, when you're eventually reimbursed, you can record that check as an "Inflow: Reimbursable Expenses" to offset the prior spending, so that your net spending over time in that category is $0.   This will keep your reports nice and accurate; you probably don't want your work-related expenses to inflate your personal spending averages.

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  • As an offshoot of this question, what if it's something like reimbursable medical payments?  Such as I pay an expense, then my medical reimburses me?  So far I've been putting it as Input to the categories the expense was in (i.e. medical) then moving the money to where it's needed to be.

    Does that make sense or am I mudding the report waters?

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      Pixel spender I think that makes sense, because your reports end up showing your net out-of-pocket medical expenses. If you categorize the reimbursement as To Be Budgeted, it show higher income and higher medical expenses on the report, which is probably not what you want.

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