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As already discussed in a number of posts on the forum already, it seems that AMEX changed something and now it doesn't work. I am aware there are workarounds  but currently the default answer seems to be 'Were talking to our direct import partner', great, what does that mean to me?

  1. Is it going to be fixed?
  2. Is there a timeline for that? (week, month, year, ?)

On a side almost all the issues i have with YNAB are because of the direct import, and coming here to find and issue with the response 'Were talking to our direct import partner' is so frustrating, its an important part of your product to me and slinging it over the fence makes no difference to my experience i still think detrimentally of YNAB when it doesn't work not some mythical 'partner'.

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  • I am having a similar problem. I hope it gets fixed. 

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  • Same. Tried the solution of importing both and moving transactions from secondary to primary but then YNAB will continue to reimport the moved transactions as new ones.....

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  • Hi Navy Blue Sloth , Orange Piano and Gray Tiger !

    I'm sorry we missed this thread initially!

    Sadly, I don't have the best news to share in regards to your questions. While we hope this issue will be fixed (we're even researching alternatives we can try on our end), we can't promise when or if our Direct Import partner will be able to better adjust to how Amex handles transactions. Since transactions still import, just into separate accounts, they don't consider the import "broken". This means that even though they're working on it, we most likely won't see an immediate fix. We're looking for other options, but we currently can't offer a time line on when this will improve.

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    • Faness I appreciate the response, hopefully you guys come up with workable approach to this, it's useful to hear that this isn't a priority for your partner so I won't expect a solution quickly. I will continue to do amex manually. Thanks again.

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