non deductible goal payments


I was wondering if people are missing this feature to.

When saving for let's say a holiday in june (1500 euro's needed)  and you need to buy some stuff along the way for that holiday. For example a tent 500 euro, i would really like to store that in the vacation budget row without deducting this amount of my budget goal.

The workaround i got from the YNAB employee was budgeting by month or substract the bought item from the goal amount.

Both solutions don't give you the right insight and you need to keep a separate spreadsheet to keep track of the budget.

@YNAB can you  please add a option on transaction that they are non deductible? 





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  • This has been a much asked for request over the past 3 years.

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  • Hi Lavender Saxophone !

    I can totally pass along your feature request to our Design and Dev team! You can also submit it via the Feature Request FormFrom there it's collected in a database, and just about every day, our Design Team combs through and codes them all, asking questions like Where is this person in their budgeting journey? What problem are they wanting to solve? Then, in regular research cycles they analyze all this collected feedback to plan for what’s up next  in YNAB!


    Another option is to set that target month on the goal for the first month in which you expect to spend. In this case that may not work (June is quite a few months away) but for categories like "Christmas", it works! IE,  if you begin Christmas shopping in November, set the goal for November, or even October. Then, you'll be finished saving by the time you start spending.

    Personally, I usually  just let it be. If it's a small amount (I know 500 Euro isn't a small amount though 😉), I just keep the goal and budget more if possible. 

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  • I had to give up on the target category by date goal for things like holidays and Christmas. It just got too confusing for me to keep track of how much money I needed to save to meet my final goal as I started spending money. Now I've just created a monthly funding goal. So if I wanted to save 1500 by June, I would just budget 250 a month and then the final goal in the category would be met, even as I spent from it along the way.

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  • Thanks for your reply's i will start using the monthly budgets for now and will file a change request.


    Greetings Gijs

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