Total Budgeted and months income

So on the right hand side of the "Budget" menu is a column and at the top is the "Total Budgeted".  So from my understanding, that represents what i have "predicted" in regards to what i'm going to spend for a month.  Is there an area where i can put in an amount for what i think my income is going to be for that month?


That way i can see what my guesstamated income will be against my guesstamated outcome.  It would be nice to see.

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  • Total Budgeted is exactly that. You may or may not spend what you budget anytime soon. I budget money to a New Car category, but I'm not buying a new car this month. I've budgeted $100/month to my Income Replacement category since starting YNAB 4 years ago, but I've never used it.

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  • Hi Bob FigwardNewtonian !

    In YNAB, future income is scheduled, but not budgeted. 

    This goes back to the core idea of only budgeting the money you have on-hand. You can read the Prioritize Guide for more details there, but here's a quick summary of why YNAB is designed this way:

    Available money. When you budget money you don't have yet, you can't trust the amounts Available in your categories when you make spending decisions.

    Scarcity. Scarcity is that feeling of wishing there were more. (Time. Money. Dessert...)Scarcity is good for you. When you forecast how much money you might have down the road, you take your focus away from right now. When you step back and embrace scarcity, you make good decisions.

    We do recognize that looking forward is important though! Scheduled Transactions and Goals help you plan for weeks (or even months!) ahead without needing to input future income. As you go, all this prioritizing will naturally create a longer delay between when you receive money and when you spend it

    I know this can be a shift in thinking, so you're in the right place to ask questions! 😊 

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