YNAB Wins 2 Months In

Hello! I'm the 2 and a half months I've been using YNAB I have:

Saved $3000 toward replacing a car

Paid $700 off in credit card Debt

Paid for Christmas in cash

Paid for two vacations in cash (previously would have gone on card)

Saved $500 ahead for next vacation

Took public transit rather than parking (saving $50)

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  • And the wins keep coming! In just over 3 months I have:

    Paid off over 6,000K of a 7,500K credit card balance
    Saved $1000 cash for vacation (normally would have gone on credit)
    Increased age of money to 25 days
    Lowered monthly expenses by  1-1,800/month
    Held on to the 3,000K savings toward replacing the car 

    Have established very modest sinking funds that I hope to slowly increase for things like:
    Home repairs
    Auto repairs
    Car licensing
    Winter sports
    Hair appointments
    Parking and gas
    Vet bills

    I would never have imagined how much this tool would really help me achieve some goals and get a grasp on what I really spend.

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  • One More Win! In approx 4 months using YNAB I have finally paid off $7500 in cc debt that has been following me around for years. Sent the final $1500 today! Today I have zero debt outside of a mortgage.

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    • MsTJ
    • Gray_Nomad_f6eeb59e1a1c
    • 9 mths ago
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    Congratulations on your progress!  Love seeing stories like this.

    I had similar results when starting.  Today it is longer between seeing how things can get better and they keep doing just that.  I love the program, and have been working with it for 5 years.  

    Welcome aboard.  

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    • Khaki Storm
    • YNAB book topics online: https://support.youneedabudget.com/r/q5w48j
    • Khaki_Storm.1
    • 9 mths ago
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    Way to go! 

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  • Thank you! Another win 4.5 months in: Put 3K into an IRA and started 15% 401K contributions. Time to start tracking my 2019 savings goal.

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  • These are phenomenal wins!! I  can't wait to be there. I'm so impatient sometimes!!

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