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At the end of every month I need to be able to run a report for a specific category.  I need it to list every expense amount with a total at the end.......and I need to be able to print it!!  I know how to get this information straight from the account but you can't print it and I know there must be a way so I don't have to retype it in excel.

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  • Well, there is an option to export to CSV format in the Reports section. You can open up the CSV in Excel and play with it there.

    EDIT - Here is a workflow I suggest for your use case:

    [1] Open your budget. On the top left, click your budget name and choose the option "Export Budget."

    [2] The system shall download an archive of two files named "xxxxx - Budget" and "xxxxx - Register". Extract the "xxxxx - Register" file.

    [3] Open the "Register" file in Excel. In the "Home" ribbon, choose "Sort & Filter" and then "Filter."

    [4] Filter the columns as per your needs (Choose the particular month, category).

    [5] Add a SUM formula below the "Outflow" and "Inflow" columns.

    [6] Set the page layout and print it.

    NOTE - CSV is a powerful format. There is no need to retype anything. You can export the CSV file to any spreadsheet program to generate any type of report of your choice.

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      Aditya Matsa I appreciate your response and will try this.  I still think this is a basic function that the software should have.  Thanks so much for helping me out!

  • There is currently no facility to print, complained about and discussed in this thread here.

    Many of us have submitted a request to have printables added. Add your voice to ours by using either of these mechanisms:

    Printing Survey

    E-form to submit desired features

    Please take the time to submit a request for printables.

    Maybe, if enough requests are submitted, this will move up the priority list.  I've given up on getting a running total, and I am now resigned to carrying a pocket calculator in my purse at all times.  I'm getting tired of using a snipping tool for printing.

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