[Poll] If you use recurring transactions which interval do you use most often?

I have asked this question on Twitter and Reddit but want to ask here, too, to reach as many people as possible.


Please let me know which interval you use most often for recurring transactions:


  • daily
  • weekly
  • every other week
  • twice a month
  • every 4 weeks
  • monthly
  • every other month
  • every 3 months
  • every 4 months
  • twice a year
  • yearly
  • every other year
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  • Monthly, for sure. Anything that's beyond that is usually a little variable in amount (like quarterly water bill) and I would rather use a monthly funding goal for that.

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  • Monthly, then yearly, then quarterly.

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  • Monthly, every 6 months, yearly.

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  • Monthly, every 4 weeks, quarterly, yearly.

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  • Weekly, then Monthly, then Yearly.

    I have all my weekly errands and usual shopping set up as recurring entries, with a zero outflow. This does two things for me: acts as a reminder, and it is such a time saver for quickly entering my usual transactions, especially those with category splits.

    If there was a 5-week and/or a 6-week option, that would soooooo handy for personal care appointments.

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  • The frequency I use most often is "once."  Many of these really ought to be future committed transactions instead of scheduled transactions, but YNAB stupidly prohibits future committed transactions.  (Major rant omitted.)

    For things that really recur, I have yearly, monthly, and every 4 weeks.  These match up to recurring real world transactions that occur yearly, monthly, and on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  I use every 4 weeks for that last one because I don't have to edit the date as often as I would if I used monthly. 

    It would be a convenience if YNAB would add the Social Security recurring schedule (every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th same day of the week each month.)  But I understand if it's too much labor to program that for the limited size of the pool of people who receive Social Security benefits.

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  • Most of my recurring transactions are monthly.

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  • Monthly is the most common, followed by yearly, then twice a year, then a single every other year.

    What I could really use is a 30 day option. I have 2 bills that are on a true 30 day cycle, Monthly and every 4 weeks still require an adjustment every 3 months if not sooner to keep them close to on track. 

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  • Almost everything is monthly, with a handful of subscriptions that are yearly. And the New York Times, which insists on being special and charging me every 4 weeks. 

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  • Thank you to everyone who responded!! 😍


    I truly appreciate it.  Expect to hear from me again in the near future (no exact timeline yet, though).

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