Trying nYNAB

Inadvertently a double payment was made to a credit card (I forgot to cancel automatic payment and did a transfer from my checking account to the credit card to pay off the "initial balance") Now I have a surplus in that credit card - how should I handle that?

I used and liked YNAB4 and am familiar with it. Thanks for any help

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  • Did your credit card go positive when the second payment was made??

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  • Yes

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  • The positive amount should appear in To Be Budgeted, and you can simply budget it however you want, like any other positive account balance.

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  • Hi Coral Mask !

    When you have a moment, take a look at this video on what happens when a Credit Card has a Positive Balance. You can budget those funds towards your other categories, because that money is just like cash - you can spend it without creating any additional debt. :)

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  • Thank you mamster and Faness. Will do and check back if I have more questions.

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  • The surplus on the account is nothing to worry about. However, usually the CC Payment category goes red when this happens. In that case, TBB also increases, but you should use those seemingly new funds to cover the CC Payment category. (I have no idea why YNAB doesn't do this on its own, but it doesn't.) 

    Bottom line: your CC Payment Available should be $0 if there's a positive account balance.

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  • Faness  mamster  dakinemaui

    Thank you! all is now good. I considered your advice and watched the video. What was confusing to me was that the TBB amount was 0.00 despite the cleared CC overpayment. After receiving your instructions I clearly saw that  the CC payment field was RED with a minus sign. Finally the light went on: I had put a lot of $ into the CC but, where did the $ come from?  not from the bank! as all my bank $ was doing a job somewhere else! 

    I budgeted for the CC payment from other categories - now the CC payment is 0 and I have budgeted out what appeared in the TBB field.

    This forum is amazing.

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