Amount shown available is too much

I'm brand new and not sure I understand how to mark previous income budgeted. I don't want the income already spent to show up in this month's budget. How do I change that?

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  • Anything already spent isn't a part of the budget. When money comes in, enter a transaction in the account receiving the inflow categorized as To Be Budgeted. Then in the budget screen, allocate (budget) those dollars to various categories. The budget is your plan for every single one of your dollars -- how you intend to spend them (sooner or later).

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  • Hi Donna 360 , Welcome to You Need A Budget!

    You’ll want to start YNAB with the money you have on hand today—and prioritize those dollars. Here's a short video that explains these three main steps:

    1. Add your primary accounts with the balances as of today.

    2. Budget those dollars where they’re needed before you get paid again.

    3. Record your spending as it happens, and reconcile regularly so you can always trust your budget!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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