Having trouble with my Disney fund.

Hello! I am new to YNAB and I owe $800 for a Disney trip that I need to pay off in September. I set a target category balance by date of $800 due in Sept, and I have paid $266 towards that goal in August (as the outflow from my checking account). I entered the to be budgeted amount at $266 and the activity as $266 when I made the payment and now the goal is zero? With an $800 goal for September? I've tried switching to just a Target Category Balance but it's still not showing that I have to pay 534 the next month to reach the goal. I'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • The Target Available by Date goal wants to have $800 at the end, so it's not appropriate if you're going to spend some of the $800 as you go along. What you want is a Target Budgeted by Date, which is not something that YNAB has implemented, so you might make a feature request.

    That said, in general I just use the built-in calculator and set a monthly goal with a contribution of:
       Monthly Budget = remaining amount / remaining months
    If you don't satisfy the goal in a given month, make sure you recalculate and update the goal amount moving forward.

    The other approach is to continue to use the Target Available by Date, but decrease the amount when you spend. You spent $266, so you could revise the goal to $534 Available by Sept.

    At this point, though, you hardly need a goal. Just budget $534 when you get more money.

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  • If you've paid down part of your goal you'll need to adjust the amount you're still trying to budget. 

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