Category needed for transfer from tracking account

I have transferred money from a tracked investment account into a checking account and it requires a category.

Is a category required for money coming in? Or should it be ignored?

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  • Anytime money is added or subtracted to an on budget account requires a category.  If moving money from one on budget account to another then a category is not needed.  If you want it to show up in the reports as income then categorize it to TBB first then assign it where needed, if you do not care about the report then simple put it in the category needed when you do the transfer.

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  • Recommend practice is to categorize as Inflow:To Be Budgeted and give those dollars a job in the budget.

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  • I have two investment accounts. I withdraw, say $1000 from Investment Account A into my Checking Account. Then, I move the money from the Checking Account into Investment Account B. It is PURELY a transfer between the tracking accounts: my Checking Account is what I have to use as the banking system conduit for the funds. To my way of thinking it should NOT have a category. Any solutions from ya'll?

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      Sky Blue Cartridge Use the same category for both transfers. Could be TBB, could be something else. Doesn't matter. But money entering or exiting your budget must have a category.

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