The games we play...

Forest Green Wildebeest's post about "First win 12 days into free trial" reminded me how fun it can be to save money.  I recently challenged myself to do a no-spend week (starting out small, just to see).  So anyway, my thing was to research recipes online during breaks at work, and then stopping by the grocery store after work to get ingredients.  Sometimes, a recipe required some special unitasker gadget or equipment, so I'd buy that too (ugh!).

During challenge week I restricted myself to using only what I already had on hand.  As it turns out, I was churning out a ton of leftovers that carried us through an additional 5 days beyond the first week, so I rounded up and went for a full two weeks of no-spend.  When I checked my bank account, it was such a great feeling to see that my last spend activity had been two weeks prior!

Now, there were a couple of days where my dish pairings didn't make any sense, from a culinary standpoint (think, canned salmon and lemon poppy muffins 🤪),  but who cares?!  The stuff is getting used up, and I'm not spending! Anyway, those two weeks were so fun, I'm currently on day 2 of another 2 weeks.  Anyone have other "games" I could try? 

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  • I don't know if it's a game, but I give myself a star whenever a True Expense comes in that I at least remembered put on my budget. If I was able to fund it before it's due, it's a gold star :)

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  • Violet Pilot

    I might have to give your game a try! I tried a somewhat similar version where I planned the meals in advance and tried to grab all ingredients with one grocery store shop - without doubling ingredients already in our cabinets. Essentially, meal planning, and I'm not the best at that game. 😅

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