Built a simple python library

I’m newish to development and really the only useful thing I feel I’ve released  

A few python libraries exist but I felt like they were slightly complicated to use for maybe an average scripted. I don’t tap into all the features of the ynab api just yet but everything to get access to your budget is there!


Would  love to hear from people using it.



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  • Thanks! But getting the following: 

    ----> 3 from pynabapi import YnabClient
    ~\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\pynabapi\__init__.py in <module>
          7 """
    ----> 9 from .ynab import YnabClient
    ~\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\pynabapi\ynab.py in <module>
         13 from .exceptions import *
    ---> 15 from .model.budget import *
         16 from .model.budgetmonth import *
         17 from .model.category import *
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pynabapi.model'


    Is this just an anaconda issue ?

    • Green Mare  I don’t have much experience with full blown anaconda. But this worked in a conda environment. I’ll take a look. 



    • Green Mare I found the issue. Basically my setuptools files are not correct so when building the package it skips the model directory and therefore skips all the model submodule files. I'll get this fixed later today or tomorrow after work.



      • Green Mare
      • Green_Mare.5
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Dennis Whitney Fantastic! I'm trying to port a script I use to crunch expenses that's currently in R over to python and your library will save me a ton of time avoiding reinventing the wheel on poking at the YNAB API :)



    • Green Mare Alright I switched to setuptools for more improved package building. Because I didn't know to use a manifest file with distools you wont be able to uninstall the old package. You'd have to manually delete it. However since you were using Anaconda you can just ace the old environment and create a new one.


      Thanks for the feedback!

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