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I created a credit card in YNAB some days ago and imported a QIF file from my bank and only later noticed that my Starting Balance now asks me to select a category instead of saying  "Category not needed".  I am not entirely sure why this happened and it may very well be my mistake but I was wondering if there is a way to set the Starting Balance to "Category not needed" manually now that or if I should just put the Starting Balance into the "To Be Budgeted" category.  I have over a hundred transactions in there and would hate to redo it.

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  • Hi Ingo ! Is the Payee for your transaction "Starting Balance", with the balance owed on your card as an outflow? If there is a positive balance on your credit card, you'll be prompted to categorize that as Inflow: To be Budgeted.

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      Hi Nicole ! The Payee is "Starting Balance" and the balance is an outflow. I just went back and checked and now it says "Category not needed". I had rebooted my computer in the meantime but I had not checked again. Looks like this is a browser cache or update issue. It's fixed now. Thanks for the help

    • Nicole Out of curiosity, are non-English speaking users forced  to use that specific Payee "Starting Balance" as well?

    • dakinemaui The Starting Balance payee does have an impact on features in the app, and should remain. As much as we'd love to get the whole world on a budget, we lack the resources in our small team to manage the complexities of translation to any other language at this time.

      For an example, the Income vs Expense report excludes Starting Balance transactions. If that Payee is customized to another language, the transaction shows as income.

      It is possible to use YNAB in a different language by customizing categories, using local currency, spending payees, etc.

    • Nicole Thanks for the info.

  • Hi - I'm having this same issue and I have double check the payee is set to "Starting Balance" and it's an outflow, and I've cleared my cache. Any help would be appreciated so I don't screw up any reports. Thanks!

    • Gold Koala What issue do you mean? The starting balance should be categorized as Inflow: To Be Budgeted. Contrary to reasonable expectations, it won't actually show up in TBB if this is a credit account.

    • Hi Gold Koala !

      What kind of account are you trying to add to your budget? If you're adding a credit card account, the Starting Balance transaction will say "Category Not Needed". If you're adding a Checking or Savings account, the category will be To Be Budgeted.

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