How to Reset the to "be budget" amout

I have been catching up my budget these days and I want to know how can I "reset" the" to be budget" amount with the total amounts that I have available in the accounts so I can give every dollar a job. 

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  • You don't reset it. The combined budget funds (TBB + what's in categories) always equals the cash in your accounts.

    Iff TBB = $0, then every dollar already has a job. It's your call whether to change one or more of those jobs, though, by moving between categories if TBB is $0.

  • If you've neglected the budget for a while and have a big red number up there, you can go back and redo all your months with the transactions imported, or do a Fresh Start.  If you REALLY want a one-click solution, and your TBB is negative, you'll need to click on it and start covering it with any and all categories until you're at $0 or above.

  • Hi Spring Green Viper !

    Are you looking for a quick way to take the funds out of your categories and put them back into your To Be Budgeted amount. That's what we refer to as a mini-Fresh Start

    You’ll see two options in the Quick Budget section that will allow you to zero out your categories in the current month. Give these steps a try:

    1. Select all categories.
    2. Click Reset Budgeted Amounts.
    3. Click Set Available Amounts to 0.00.

    These are great options when you want a fresh view of your budget, but a Fresh Start feels like too much. :)

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