How to Reset the to "be budget" amout

I have been catching up my budget these days and I want to know how can I "reset" the" to be budget" amount with the total amounts that I have available in the accounts so I can give every dollar a job. 

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  • You don't reset it. The combined budget funds (TBB + what's in categories) always equals the cash in your accounts.

    Iff TBB = $0, then every dollar already has a job. It's your call whether to change one or more of those jobs, though, by moving between categories if TBB is $0.

  • If you've neglected the budget for a while and have a big red number up there, you can go back and redo all your months with the transactions imported, or do a Fresh Start.  If you REALLY want a one-click solution, and your TBB is negative, you'll need to click on it and start covering it with any and all categories until you're at $0 or above.

  • Hi Spring Green Viper !

    Are you looking for a quick way to take the funds out of your categories and put them back into your To Be Budgeted amount. That's what we refer to as a mini-Fresh Start

    You’ll see two options in the Quick Budget section that will allow you to zero out your categories in the current month. Give these steps a try:

    1. Select all categories.
    2. Click Reset Budgeted Amounts.
    3. Click Set Available Amounts to 0.00.

    These are great options when you want a fresh view of your budget, but a Fresh Start feels like too much. :)

    • Faness Can you do this for months that have already passed?  I got something out of whack, and want to fix it, but I'm not sure what happens if I go back several months to do this....guess I'm about to find out.

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      • Been waiting 5 years for the Stealing From the Future fix...
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      Forest Green Device You don't need to fix past months. The current month is an aggregate of everything that has come before. So just make changes within the budget in the current month.

    • Forest Green Device Usually it's not worth going back to fix it for several months. That's why YNAB is a zero based budget. You are budgeting with the money you have at this moment. 

      The only real value is if you wanted the historical reporting from past months. 

      But really if you can, I would either just do a "fresh start" with the balances in your accounts today or do like above and just reset available amounts. That should make your balances match correctly now. The budgeted amounts may not be. 

    • Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) 

      Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) said:
      The only real value is if you wanted the historical reporting from past months. 

       Actually, the reports only take data from the transaction side. Cleaning up past budgetary months will only make those past months' budget pages look pretty, but it's not worth the effort. 

      Since the budget is the plan for your money *going forward* there's not going to be any spending guidance needed in those past months.

      Luckily, YNAB takes care of all the calculations to make the present budget screen correct (unless you've budgeted in the future). The only thing that could be messed up without being obvious is the credit card payment category, so as you're readjusting and reallocating dollars to categories, just make sure your credit card payment category isn't forgotten. 

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