CC balance appearing as positive, not debt?!?

So here's a bizarre one. I contacted YNAB Help to deal with some messes I made in setting my budget up (I've just survived month one), including cleaning up an aborted non-budget in the last few days of October while I was learning the ropes. Great. But somehow in the midst of all that--God knows what I did--my Chase credit card account started appearing as an income account! So... it's showing the balance I *owe* as if it were a *positive* bank account balance. WHAT?!

I've tried contacting YNAB Help to follow up and figure out what on earth went wrong, but they have not written me back in 36 hours. Not sure if that's a normal turnaround time of I'm just being such a pain that they are done with me.  😟

I've had to make a separate budget in Word so I can account for everything right now, since YNAB is showing me as having thousands to budget when, in actuality, I have already budgeted the dollars I know I actually have to zero! So...

(A) How do I get this credit card account to show up as a credit card account again, without losing or deleting everything? (FWIW: I pay off in full every month, and in a couple of weeks will not longer be riding the float!; I budget everything and then just spend via the cc for points).

(B) Is YNAB Help ignoring me because I am a dummy, or are they backed up this time of year?

Thanks, fabulous people.

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  • Look at your transactions since your last reconciliation. Do all the transactions make sense (spending is an outflow)?

    YNAB just add things up, so the real issue is probably that the things being added are wrong.

    • dakinemaui Weirdly, all the individual transactions DO make sense. Everything I've spent is properly categorized in outflow; everything I paid the card is properly categorized in inflow. But it's showing a positive balance of the amount that I actually OWE on the card. My other debt accounts are listed properly: with a negative, bright red number (e.g. -388.00 for a medical bill). But this chase account is listed as positive, alongside my money market and checking and savings accounts. Bizarre and so frustrating!

  • Have you reconciled

    the account?  It seems like you may have entered the balance as a positive number when you reconciled. Is these a reconciliation adjustment transaction in the account register?

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    • satcook satcook That's a great question. No, no reconciliation. Should I basically "force" a reconciliation to fix this? It will literally be a difference of a couple of thousand dollars (see my comment to dakinemaui above for further clarification).

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      Slate Blue Lion I would. Or you can post screenshots and we can help you figure out what went wrong. 


      Do you have a starting balance transaction??

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    • satcook That's it! I must have accidentally deleted the starting balance!! THANK YOU!

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  • Hey, Slate Blue Lion ! So glad you figured this out. We try to get back to everyone who write into support within 24 hours, but sometimes (especially over a holiday weekend) it can take a little longer.

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