To Be Budgeted positive balance in new month

I love YNAB but honestly sometimes it makes my brain hurt... We have been using it for a couple of months so we are pretty new. Did some searching on this but couldn't find anything... 

Here's the question: As October ended, we had our "to be budgeted" at zero. When the month rolled over to November, it had a large positive balance.  Can't figure out why, and we can't remember if it did that last month.  Does it kick all the money out that isn't used and do we have to redistribute it? All the budget categories are zero, as expected, and it looks like the "available" amounts have carried over. We've been manually adding up the "activity" amounts and comparing the two months but just can't figure it out.  Any recommendations?

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  • I would guess that you just received new money. Assuming the October TBB is still $0, one of the following must have happened:

    • An inflow transaction categorized as Inflow:To Be Budgeted, dated in November in a cash-based account (e.g., checking)
    • A negative budget entry in Nov's area (moving money that was previously put into a category into TBB)

    No, it doesn't kick out any money on its own; funds stay in categories until you spend it or take it out with a budget entry. You ruled out the second bullet.

    Just to confirm, is the October TBB still $0 today?

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    • Easiest check for the first bullet is to search for To Be Budgeted in All Accounts and sort descending by date.

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    • Melissa
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    If you go back to view October's budget, is the TBB still as zero?  If so, is there an transaction record in your account list that has an inflow dated for November that maybe hasn't actually posted to your account?  I can't think of any other reason why the TBB for November would be more than zero rolling over from October (with a zero TBB).

  • Spring Green Tugboat said:
    We've been manually adding up the "activity" amounts and comparing the two months but just can't figure it out

    I wouldn't worry about the Activity amounts. They cannot put any money into TBB.

  • If I go back to October, it is still $0. I searched the inflow transactions but didn't see any November transactions. The last one was on October 24

    • Hi Spring Green Tugboat !

      Were you able to check the Budgeted column for negative amounts? Negative amounts in the Budgeted column take funds out of a category and put them back in To Be Budgeted.

      If that's not the culprit, I'd be more than happy to take a closer look! If you’re up for it, go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead. :)

  • Sorry about the slow response! busy week... 

    I checked the budgeted column, but they were all positive in October, and there is one negative in November, but it's very small compared to what is in To Be Budgeted. 

    I enabled the support access and we can take care of it over email. Thanks for your help!

    • Spring Green Tugboat No worries at all! Thanks for enabling access. I'm stepping in for Faness, and sent you an email to walk through it. Let me know if you have any questions!

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