Capital One Issues... Again

Capital One is apparently delayed, again. I have to say that this is the case way more often than it should be and really needs to be fixed. 

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  • Hi JW !

    Sorry for the delayed response here (pun not intended!). I just took a look and I'm now seeing a successful connection to Capital One.

    To give a bit of an explanation, our Direct Import partner tries to sync with each of your connections daily. But it's not uncommon for any financial institution to say, "Sorry, check back later—we're busy!". This is what triggers the Delayed error to show up on your end.

    Then our provider does exactly as the financial institution asks and automatically checks back later. When they do, everything syncs up ok and all is well. 

    Except this (here's where it gets a little hard to explain) — there's a bit of a lag-time between when they complete a successful sync and you see that `Delayed` status turn to `Good`. 

    It has to do with a time restriction put on YNAB that says we can't try to contact your financial institution again until 8 hours after our Direct Import partner completes a successful sync. It's a bit difficult to explain, but it basically prevents us from checking in with a bank too many times and triggering their security alerts or getting you locked out of your account.

    So even though you may be seeing `Delayed`, our Direct Import partner is either queued up to try again later or has already completed a successful sync and we just need to wait 8 hours until we can update the status. 

    Are you finding that transactions are still becoming available for you to import? But maybe just on a delay? If so, then that definitely would indicate that the 'Delayed' errors aren't sticking around for long (even though they may appear to from your vantage point).

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