How to pay to and from a credit card?

so my friend  sent me £275.31 which is money he owns me which he paid into my Monzo current account.. I immediately used this money to pay off some debt from my Virgin credit card. However it has added this money to my budget which is wrong.

I asked YNAB Support they said:


'd be happy to help you sort this out! We want your budget to reflect the flow of money, so when your friend sent the money he owed you, you would have added that as an inflow to your Monzo account. That money would be added to To be Budgeted, and from there you'll want to budget it directly to your Virgin Credit Card Payment Category. That will remove it from To Be Budgeted and give it a job. Since you already made the payment, make sure you record that as well so your account will show the transfer from your Monzo account to your Credit Card 


Ok I get that I need to enter the money inflow to To Be Budgeted, but what I don't get is when she says @ from there you'll want to budget it directly into your Virgin Credit Card payment Category? 


If I look at the transaction in my Virgin Credit Card account it says "Catagory not needed" ?

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  • There are two aspects to paying your credit card. Yes the is no need for a category for a transfer between two on budget accounts. But on you budget page, before you made the payment, did the available amount in the credit card payment category match the amount of your credit card working balance (left side of screen) except the working balance was negative and the category balance was positive? And after the payment do they still match but with opposite signs? If not you need to do what support says or the payment does nothing to reduce the credit card debt in your budget. 

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