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I budgeted for a category then accidentally made a transfer payment (category not needed) towards it in my credit card account instead of just accounting for the charge once it posted to my statement.  This caused an overage in the credit card account which I covered with the funds budgeted in the category.   However now the payment is not reflected in the category activity.  Having accurate activity and reports is important to me. How can I fix this without creating another problem?

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  • Hey Powder Blue Tiger !


    Hmm, I'm having a hard time putting together the pieces of the situation here, but I'd love to help! Do you mind sending in a couple screenshots to help? If you'd rather not post them here, you can send them in to [email protected] and we'll take it from there!

  • Please find the screenshot attached.  I would like a fix that will show the 5/25/2018 $246.40  payment under my Car Insurance budget category activity in May without causing more problems, red alerts, overages, etc.  I handled it successfully before (see 4/14/2018 transaction).

  • Hi Powder Blue Tiger !


    Ah, I see! First, go ahead and categorize that transaction to your Car Insurance category. 

    Then, go to your budget and move that money from your BofA Credit Card Payment category back into your Car Insurance category. 


    That should do it! 😊

  • Hi Janelle,

    Would you step me through that solution?  Which transaction specifically am I categorizing?  If it's the payment transfer transaction dated 5/25/2018, how do I categorize that when it defaults to 'no category needed?'

    • Hi Powder Blue Tiger !

      I hope you don't mind me jumping in here! :)

      It looks like the transaction from 4/14 was an expense (car insurance) you paid for using your credit card. However, the 5/25 transaction is a credit to your account. Right now, that screenshot shows that you paid your car insurance on 4/14 and that you received money on 5/25 - is that correct? 

      If you paid the car insurance using your credit card, you'll still need to enter that expense, then you can categorize it like you did for the 4/14 transaction.

      Let me know if I'm missing something and we'll go from there! 

    • Faness  thanks so much!  That resolved it.

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    • Powder Blue Tiger I'm happy to hear that did the trick! Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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