budgeting future scheduled transactions?

I understand all the help docs want us to set up reoccurring monthly transactions and use them as a guide to budget instead of goals, however, how do I then go forward a month and budget for the next monthly transaction if current month is full and green and when I click to next month its still green because it doesn't account for current months impending transaction? - Do I have to set up a goal as well to make sure I know what I need to reach for next month and get an alert?

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  • Faness  Is this something you can shed a bit of light on? :) 

    • Navy Blue Lightning More than happy to! :)

      When using Scheduled Transactions and budgeting ahead, the "Budgeted Last Month" Quick Budget option is your friend. You won't get an alert since, like you mentioned, those categories are already funded enough to cover the upcoming transaction, but you can still budget for them. If you'd like to have that warning there just in case, then you can add a goal as well.

      By chance, have you taken a look at How to Create a Budget Template? A combination of Scheduled Transactions and Goals gives you the best coverage and that article gives examples of when to use each (though there's really no wrong answer here). 

      If you have a preference for one over the other, use that one - everything will still work out! :)

    • Faness thanks! Yes I’ve read all help articles and still couldn’t wrap my head around which method I should be using. To discuss further; say I have rent ready to go for this month and want to budget ahead for next with a pay I just received - if I click over to next month..it’s green/full and I don’t  have any I ndicator warning me “hey you need this money here for rent next month” unless I also add a goal to the category as well which will give me an indicator warning...?

    • Navy Blue Lightning That's exactly right. So, if you prefer the indicators, add a Monthly Funding Goal for rent. That way it will give you that yellow warning every month.

      If you don't mind not having the indicator, select the Rent category and choose the "Budgeted Last Month" option. 

      The difference here is whether you want that reminder or not. It never hurts to have a reminder, but if you don't want one then you can bypass it.

      For instance, Rent. If you want a reminder, the goals option is the way to go. However, Rent is such a big and consistent expense, if you don't need or want the reminder, you can stick with the Scheduled Transaction. 

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