Turning off auto-categorization of new transactions?

Hi, all,

I'm overall a happy user of YNAB -- but the only way YNAB makes me seriously unhappy is by auto-categorizing newly imported transactions. I find it more confusing than helpful, especially when using the iOS app.

Has anyone found a way to turn that feature off entirely?

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  • Hi Philip !

    Have you taken a look at the Payee Management option in the web app? You can select not to automatically categorize a payee - you'll just need to uncheck the check box. :)

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  • Hello. Thanks for the reply. Yes... that's good, but I experience mis-categorizations with many payees, not just one or two. I'd love to just disable the feature entirely. 😐

    • Philip Currently, there isn't an option to turn this off for all payees at once, but you can let our development team know you'd like to see that option in the future! If you fill out the Feature Request form, that goes directly to them for future consideration! :)

    • Faness

      In the older version, this option was available.


      But not available in the new version. So sad. I have the same problem with many payees and cannot update one by one. (Because of this my all reports and allocations are wrong)  So sad to leave YNAB

      • jenmas
      • jenmas
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      Orange Trumpet That's a completely different feature. The one that you are talking about is turning off geo tagging in the mobile app. The original post is talking about auto-categorization of direct imports.

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    • Hi Orange Trumpet !

      jenmas is right about those different features. If you're having trouble with Geo Payees, that feature can still be turned off. If you're having trouble with imported transactions from your bank automatically being categorized based on the last category chosen for that payee, you can adjust them using the Payee Management feature.

  • Hey guys, this is actually quite annoying.

    Whenever I classify some transaction manually for the first time, it sets the rule on the payee to classify all future transactions with that category. That often helps, but sometimes it's just plain wrong. It gives the impression that I have to do less work when I import transactions, but I have to check each one and potentially reclassify :S.

    • Hi Tan Gazelle !

      That is YNAB's way of learning. If you change the Payee, then YNAB will update that for future reference. If that's still wrong, you can manually create a rule through the Payee Management feature. :)

    • Faness Hey Faness,

      yes I figured it out. Once  I've categorized all existing transactions it became bearable. I can change the category before I approve them. Thanks :)

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    • Faness Thanks, but that is quite a clumsy way to "learn". When I go shopping, the intention (my own use, stuff for friends, family, events, etc. often changes for quite a few categories. This makes YNAB significantly harder to use and introduces a real concern for the accuracy of the reporting. A simple global setting would make this problem go away instantly. I would even have no problem with it being on by default. I just want a choice!!!!!

    • Hi Sky Blue Cartridge !

      You can uncheck the "Automatically categorize payee" option through the Payee Management feature, but it has to be done individually for each payee. You can submit a Feature Request to let our Product Team know you'd like to see a global option! :)

  • Please allow for an option to globally turn off auto-categorization. This is more of a problem to fix all of the wrong payees - including new payees.

    Maybe an option within the transaction to remember this category for all future transactions would be a better solution.

    This is a real problem and results in an ongoing frustrating experience for each new payee.

    • Ivory Griffin If you’d like to send this idea over to our Product team for consideration, please send us a Feature Request! :)

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