[Possible bug] Deleted/Old Categories showing up in /categories

I am getting a bunch of categories showing up in my response to /categories that are no longer in my budget.  They are categories I formerly used (some even from my YNAB 4 budget) that no longer exist in my current budget due to being deleted or renamed.  None of these categories show up under hidden either, or have their 'hidden' field set to true.  I did notice that some of them may also be categories that were hidden in YNAB4 that may not have translated/migrated correctly).

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  • Hey Dillon Mulroy - Let me dig in on this a bit! You mentioned some of the categories were hidden in YNAB 4. Are any of the categories ones that you know were used in your current budget (but subsequently deleted or renamed)? 

    • Angela Sure I can a few more in depth examples.

      I have two categories show up in the api response that were created exclusively in that I renamed/deleted.  They both have the same name as well, 'Dog Walkers'.  I also have 'tmp' show up.  As for a category that shows up in the api response but was never in nYNAB but was in YNAB 4 is 'Wii U'. 

    • Dillon Mulroy Thanks for letting us know - I've found the issue and will get a fix out in the next couple of days.  The problem I found was with the /budgets/{id}/categories endpoint and it sounds like that is where you were seeing this as well.  If you were getting these deleted categories from another endpoint as well please let us know!

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    • Brady Awesome, thanks for the responsiveness and I'm glad to help! Also, you are correct in that I only experienced it with the /budgets/{id} endpoint.  I'm curious how you guys were filtering those out in your UI - do you guys use the same endpoints for the main app as the open API?

    • Dillon Mulroy We also have a private API which the official clients (web, mobile) use.  It is much more sophisticated as it supports syncing and various other things that the clients rely upon.  The public API (which you are using!) is technically partitioned from the private one but we have common code paths.  Filtering of deleted categories (among other things) is done on the clients so this is why these were showing up when they shouldn't have.  They needed to be filtered out on our public API endpoints.

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