How to move money from budgeted to available

Hi, I'm very new to YNAB and I have been struggling during setup of savings monies!- I dont want these amounts TBB but instead put directly into categories like so:


Current look of budget (with toolkit active): 


What I want to see is fully funded goals across all three categories and the rest of the money moved to its respective 'available' number like this:

Budgeted (all monthly goals filled)                  Available (showing starting balance = previously                                                                                                                         accumulated - monthly goals)

870.91                                                                           3529.74     

540                                                                                  3800.01

1000                                     -178.14                        6270.36

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  • I don't think this is possible.  If you explain why you want this, we can help suggest a workaround.

    • Cyan Rhythm The extra amounts (which I want to show as available) are previously just accumulated money prior to YNAB - I want those amounts to be 'built upon' in future months and for example this month! I want to do the above which is telling YNAB "I have all this money which isnt income but its actually just accumulated roll-over from previous months, and I have also funded all this months goals" - Does this make sense?

  • Hi Navy Blue Lightning !

    I hope you're enjoying YNAB so far! Since you've just started YNAB and you have a bit of savings already, in the first month you'll need to budget it all into Savings categories (until your TBB is 0.00). From there, any unspent amounts will stay in the Available column and roll over into the next month (and the budgeted column will go back to 0.00). You can click forward to next month to see what it will look like!

    It sounds like you've already  attached Goals to those categories too? That's awesome! That will focus your savings even more!


    Just in case they're helpful to you, here are a few resources when it comes to how YNAB handles savings accounts:

    – Here's an article showing you how it all works.

    – Take a look at this 7-minute Whiteboard Wednesday about savings.

    – Read some Forum threads that show how others are handling their savings.

    – Attend a free workshop about savings called Reach your Savings Goals!


    Great work, and happy budgeting!

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