How to fix overspending in the past?

In my April budget, two budget categories are red due to supposed overspending. This must have happened due to recategorising past transactions or something, because I did not in fact overspend in April.

I know this is a bit of a cosmetic issue, since the it all works out when the next month rolled over, but I would really like to get my April budget look green all over.

How do I fix this?

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  • You may have provided the answer to your own question with your description. When you look at the categories that you reorganized. Do they have extra money beyond what they should? If so transfer from them would be my answer.

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  • Hi Pieter Nagel !

      Ruff16965 is right. You can either budget more towards those categories, or move money between your other categories to cover it. If you budget more, your "Budgeted in Future" amount will adjust (decreasing to show more money in your Current month than your future months). :)

  • I fixed it, but it was a bit complicated. For the sake of future people who search this forum:

    Let's say I overspent by 500 in Category X in Apr. So YNAB deducted 500 from To Be Budgeted in May.

    I moved 500 from Category Y to X in Apr.  That meant YNAB no longer deducted 500 from To Be Budgeted in May. But that also meant Y was underfuned in May.

    But the "extra" 500 was not visible in May. It went to the current month. May still only showed 0 To Be Budgeted.

    Here's the non-intuitive bit: I transfered 500 from To Be Budged in May to re-fund Y in May. Instead of To Be Budged going down to -500 in May, it stayed at 0, because it sucked the 500 from the future.

    More or less, it was a few days ago I did this.

    Anyway, the whole exercise was cosmetic only, because it made no nett difference to available amounts in any budget categories in the present.

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