A noob at YNAB but a long-time mediocre budgeter...

So I had Money 2006 which hasn't had support or update in years and when I got a new laptop, I didn't want to install that old program because it had honestly lost the functionality of budgeting with me at least a decade ago and was really just a check register.  

I'm loving YNAB after about 2 weeks.  I now tend to obsess over my account though. LOL  I'm constantly looking to match transactions or do a reconcile.  :) 

One of the things I like best is that when I spend on my credit card, it automatically moves that amount to the "Pay Credit Card" part of the budget.  Genius!  Since I have a balance, this lets me know just how much of my current balance is new at a glance.

Looking forward to learning more about my spending habits in the next few months as I delve into the reports and look at past and current budgeting!  Thanks YNAB!

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  • "Obsessing over accounts" in the first months of YNAB seems to be a common story.  I've been doing this for a couple of years now and I usually do a quick check every 2-3 days, reconcile and forget about it.  

    Glad you have the credit card worked out.  Credit cards are one of the more challenging YNAB concepts (and which I still manage to mess up on occassion)

    Good luck!

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