Issue adding credit card

I am trying to add my Vancity Visa Card and I can not figure out which bank option it is when adding an account. 


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  • I'm guessing that's a Canadian bank? While Finicity, the 3rd party provider that YNAB uses for direct connect does work with some Canadian banks, it doesn't necessarily work with them all. At some point they stopped adding non-US banks and decided to focus on US institutions. You can still add a credit card without connecting it to a bank (just click Skip when that step comes up). You can do manual entry (I do 100% manual entry for my 16 on budget accounts) or you could try file based importing - YNAB always intended for direct import and file-based importing to be back-ups to your manual entry to act as a double check because importing has delays between when a purchase happens and when a financial institution clears it.

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  • Hi Gina! Forest Green Mainframe 

    When you say Vancity Visa Card, are you able to log in at ? If so, then you can try the Vancity Credit Union option in YNAB.

    Give that a try and let me know if you aren't able to connect! 

  • Vancity has changed their online banking system recently and it no longer connects using the options listed in ynab. I hope that can be repaired soon.  They still have separate credit card and bank account logins, but I'm currently having to do file import. :-(

    • Magenta Grizzly Sorry for the trouble! Our Direct Import partner is aware of Vancity's recent platform changes and they're working on a fix! They weren't able to give us a time frame, but hopefully they'll be able to rebuild that integration soon! :)

  • I am having the same issue and am unable to sync my Vancity credit card. Is there an updated time frame on when this will be fixed?

    • Hi Tomato Piranha !

      Account connections can be unique depending on a few different factors. When you have a moment, please report a Bank Importing Issue and our Direct Import team will help you get things up and running! :)

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