What's the difference between Underfunded and Goal Target in the Quick Budget options?

When I select multiple categories, Underfunded is one of the options in the Quick Budget.  When I select only one category, Underfunded is no longer available and Goal Target is available.

How are Underfunded and Goal Target different?  For example, is Underfunded affected by previous months or by the amounts in Budgeted, Activity or Available columns?  Is there a reason why couldn't Goal Target also be available when I've selected multiple categories?  It would be less confusing to me, if Goal Target was available when selecting only one category and when selecting multiple categories.

Thanks for any help figuring this out.

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  • Underfunded includes any reason for the category to be underfunded, whether it's overspent, a goal that hasn't been met, or upcoming transactions that have not been fully budgeted for. I've not tried it, but I presume if you select multiple categories that are all underfunded only because of unmet goals, "Goal target" will be an option. Either way, it doesn't matter, as in that instance "underfunded" is exactly the same thing. 

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  • Thanks for the explanation.  Even when I select multiple categories that are all underfunded only because of unmet goals, "Goal Target" is still not available in the Quick Budget.  YNAB's documentation explicitly says that Goal Target is only available when you have one category selected.

    Your explanation helps me understand it better, but I think it is still unnecessarily confusing.  I'm going to submit a request to YNAB to consider better explaining the difference between Underfunded and Goal Target or (better yet) add Goal Target to the options available when multiple categories are selected.

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    • Hi Danny DeLoach !

      That Goal Target option is only available for single categories because it is for that specific category's goal. Underfunded, like WordTenor mentioned, is a broader term that will cover anything causing a category to be in the yellow (upcoming transactions, unmet goals, overspending, etc.). :)

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