Bulk rename?

I have a bunch of transactions with payee King Soopers and category 'Fuel' or 'Groceries'.  Is there a way to bulk rename the 'Fuel' transactions to 'King Soopers Fuel Center'?


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  • Hi MustangManiac !

    You can use the Payee Management to combine payees and rename them. Are all of the transactions in the Fuel category under unique payees? In the payee management field you can select King Soopers Fuel Center and the payees you'd like to rename, then click combine. 

    Give that a try, and let me know how it goes! :)

  • Faness,

    I think you’ve misunderstood my question. I have one payee ‘King Sippers’ that I use for groceries and fuel. I’d like to rename the payee of the fuel transactions to ‘King Soopers Fuel Center’. I’m wondering if there’s a way to rename them all at once or they have to be renamed one-by-one. 


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      Speaking as one who has (at times obsessively) revised her data, I haven't found a way to revise the name on only a portion of the transactions under that payee name.

      I would figure out which side of the transactions are more numerous, groceries or fuel, and reassign the payee for each of the transactions for the category with the least number of occurrences, then revise the payee name on the unchanged transactions to update it to display the name you want.

    • HappyDance 

      Thank you!

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