tracking budget "changes" associated with overspend

Hi I'm a Ynab 2,3 and 4 user and recently changed over to New YANB due to the web based functionality.

Wife and I are struggling with the change in how "overspending" in managed. previously if we went over budget in a category it would be red next month adn then the reimbursement we where expecting would come in and cover the overspend from the prior month.

I understand this function has changed in the New YNAB which mean the overspend needs to be covered by moving an amount from another budget category.


e.g. wife does a Tupperware party and placed the order from our account for say $500, knowing that the payments will come back in over the next few days, lets say $200 come in before the end of month.  so we move $300 from say, "holidays" bucket to "tupperware" bucket to ensure the end of month is 0.

cool, so next month the other $300 comes in and it goes against the "tupperware" line.

So now we have excess funds in the Tupperware line but "lost" the holiday money.

Is there a way to track the reallocations to ensure the $300 goes back to the right category the funds where originally allocated to?

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  • this is a change in the base philosophy of not spending what you don't physically have whereas the old way allows you to  anticipate future dollars and spend it now.  

    There is no way to have it automatically go by to where you reallocated.  You have to do this yourself.  

    However, there's not really "wrong" with letting a category go to red and leaving it red.  You just know in your head that you went over.

    in your example, when the $300 comes in, have it be TBB and then  move it back over to holiday.  You don't have to use tupperware.  Imagine for a moment you that you were running a business and you bought and sold goods.  You wouldn't put income and expense against the same line.  You'd have cost of goods sold and then sales income.  

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