All screwed up

  This might be my third or fourth restart in a month.  I’m  seriously in the hole, almost -$2k in chequing. My numbers are all over the place and I need to get a hold of this.


Can I restart a week into the month, going back to the beginning of the month and reentering my data?

if I restart on an iPad, I understand I will lose all of my categories? I just don’t want to have to renter all my categories

my understanding of the process is;                                                                                                                    1/ enter account balance     2/ enter goals     3/ enter income     4/ give money jobs

I think my problems started because I may not have added my account balances

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  • Do a fresh start. You won't lose your categories or accounts, and you can start from today with today's balances. Enter all of your starting account balances and begin budgeting that money first.

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  • Hi hangingkayaker !

    I think a Fresh Start is what you're looking for, like Mamster mentioned.

    Here’s a short video walking through how to manage starting in overdraft and Here's a short video that explains these three main steps: 

    1. Add your primary accounts with the balances as of today. 
    2. Budget those dollars where they’re needed before you get paid again. 
    3. Record your spending. It’s best to enter transactions right away so you can always trust your budget!

    Take a look at those links and let us know if you still have questions! :)

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