Importing transactions from ING Spain

Hi there YNAB,

Here's a long time YNAB user from Spain, hoping that this will be read by the ones deciding which banks and countries they decide to give support for the auto importing transactions option for the spanish banks. Hopefully one of them will be the ING Direct in Spain, which is my bank.

I'm not aware if someone already said asked for something like this or if the YNAB team has ever said something about adding more banks to their function.

I know it is not easy to have "all the banks" in the world available to do the auto import of transactions, but I know for sure there are APIs to do it.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards.

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  • Hi Jose A. Segura ,

    Thanks for asking about this. We would really love to be able to offer direct import for international financial institutions, but our third-party partner moved away from supporting banks outside the US and Canada.
    Our devs and designers are researching things like this regularly, though, so it's on our radar for sure! 

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  • ING have published API for open banking:
    If I have time, I will look into this, as well as YNAB API:

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    • Turquoise Mare  Thank you for sharing! If you find the time to take a look, there's an API & Integrations section in the forum to help with any questions! :)

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