Imported transactions - "Cancel" with credit card imports

So, periodically my credit card account (I think this is the only one it happens on) import will import transactions that basically cancel already approved transactions and I don't know why?  If I log into my credit card account these cancellations do not exist, so the transactions themselves aren't real.  So, why is it happening?  Here's a screen shot of a current one.  It's usually about 3 -6 transactions at a time though and these cancels usually show up several days later.


It's happened enough times that it's thrown off my credit card balance in YNAB and now I have to figure out where the fake ones are hiding because the "Cancel" isn't always on the fake transaction.

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  • Hi Spring Green Griffin !

    This definitely sounds like a direct import issue that we'll need our Direct Import partner to investigate. When you have a moment, can you send that screenshot to support at [email protected] along with the name of your bank? That way, we can take a closer look at things and get those opposite transactions ironed out! :)

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