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Currently I have our TD Ameritrade accounts downloading transactions automatically. I just started doing this and find that it sends down details about trades w/in the account which come in at full value as TBB. This is obviously wrong, and anyway all I care about is overall changes in total account evaluations. Has anyone had luck in instructing an institution (through YNAB settings or directly to the institutions tech support for example) as to what you do or don’t want downloaded? If not, it’s easy enough to go to manual updating but thought I’d ask first. 

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  • I would perhaps suggest unlinking them and then updating the total balance once per month with a reconciliation adjustment.

    This is what I do with my taxable investing, but I keep that as a tracking account and it is not part of the budget so it has no impact on my budget, just my net worth.

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    I don't track my stock accounts in YNAB for a couple of reasons.

    1.  The balance changes daily, with the action of the stock market.  If I tracked them in YNAB I would have to be adjusting the balance daily.  That would result in more money to be budgeted or having to make corrections when the market is down, when it really isn't available.  That is more work than I am willing to do.

    2.  I'm not spending from my investment accounts so the information is useless in my budgeting with YNAB.

    I keep a separate spread sheet for my net worth, with stocks updated monthly there.  I use the separate spread sheet for tracking those things I have which aren't used in monthly budgeting, things like stocks, CD's which are locked up for a period of time, real estate, value and mortgage balance, loans I'm simply paying monthly payments on, things like that.  When I want to see what my net worth looks like any given day, I use Personal Capital, their free overview only.  I also like their graphs, to confirm my net worth is going up and see how I'm doing with my stock investments and planning for my golden years.  

    My intent is to only keep on-budget, in YNAB, the money I have to work with today.  Investments for my future are kept off-budget and tracked in my net worth.  Some savings are kept on budget, for my shorter term goals.  Loans are also kept off-budget.  The only thing I track in YNAB are the payments, which are monthly expenses.

    Active, Budget: Income - Expenses = Savings

    Then Savings are moved over to increase my net worth with this formula

    Passive, Net worth:  Assets (including monthly savings which came from my active budget) - Liabilities (paying these down) = Net Worth, which should be going up.

    YNAB helps me with my monthly active budget.  Once money is designated as savings, it goes over to my Passive "Net worth" side of the above equation.    

  • Hi Aquamarine Transistor !

    Since the data for investment/loan accounts is handled differently than that of checking/savings/CC accounts, these accounts have always proven a bit difficult when it comes to direct import. We’re currently looking into ways of improving that handling on this end, but as of now, if the transactions import incorrectly (or don’t import at all), that’s expected behavior.

    The good news is, since investment/loan accounts are typically (read: recommended) added as Tracking accounts, they don't affect your daily budget. You can update the balance like this as it changes - it's a quick way to enter those changes and keep things up to date.

    Let me know if you have any questions at all! 

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