Although I have money in accounts, To be Budgeted shows 0

Hi there, 

I'm still a newbie on Ynab with just over 2 weeks of using it. Needless to say, these first 2 weeks have been a little confusing to try and get used to the magic ways of Ynab. 

I did some 'creative accounting' over these 2 weeks and managed to have my account balances correct and every dollar assigned for. This is until I realised I have over 700 euros left in one account that I can assign to expenses!! My to be budgeted shows 0 of course. 

While I realise I made a few mistakes in May, I wanted June to be correct. I don't want to fresh start either.

If I go back and try to fix things up in May, it would be a nightmare for me, ( I made a few reconciliations and adjustments several times and don't want to touch them again). The point is, account balances at the moment are correct apart from the 0 in 'TBB'. 

 Is there a way I can put that 756 euros to show in the 'To be budgeted' so I can start assigning them expenses?


Thank you...

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  • if tbb is zero, you've already assigned them somewhere.

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  • As Herman says, those 756 euros are already sitting in your categories. If you want to be sure, add them up and compare!

    • Voracious Reader
    • YNAB broke is not the absence of money, but rather the judgment that it has something more important to do.
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    I took the Fresh Start class today. I'm pretty sure tomorrow if I get the apartment I want, I will be doing my second Fresh Start in as many months, not because my figures don't balance (they do) but because my budget going forward is going to look completely different. My budget from Before The Flood was a completely different animal from Dealing With The Flood Fallout and the second one won't look very much like After The Flood.

    I don't know why there is so much resistance to Fresh Starting. It's not like you're failing when you Fresh Start, you're just placing the past firmly in the past, while you look toward the future with newer and better information.


    (All the Before The Flood stuff makes me feel kind of like know, if Noah had only had to cope with ankle deep water, one soggy and cranky cat, and if his Ark was my landlord's dining room with the pretty wallpaper where we camped on the hardwood floor for a few days.)

    • Voracious Reader Hi, the reason I would rather avoid a Fresh start, is because, some of us, would like to see back in the previous month and see what you've done there. Statistically speaking, for me, it's good to have that. 

      If I started over, I would either lose all previous entries, or would have to export data, and then re-enter them. I guess now, I'd have to do this since there aren't any other replies indicating otherwise. 

      Oh and thanks for the powerful Noah's Ark allegory..!!



    • Hi KeepingAfloat ! With a Fresh Start, a copy of your current budget is saved for you. So you can refer back to that history if needed. 😄

      As you get started again, let us know if you have any questions at all! You can post here in the forum, or reach out to our Support Team via live chat, or email at [email protected].

  • Thanks everyone, I'll start fresh...(the power of ynab)

  • Voracious Reader said:
    I don't know why there is so much resistance to Fresh Starting

    Because it nukes your transaction history and IMO requires more effort to get the budget to where you want it. It's very likely that most of your budget is actually correct. Just shift money from lower priority categories to the higher priority categories that are out of whack and keep the transaction history.

    This realignment of funds to priorities is something you'll continue to do as long as you use YNAB. (It's Rule 3.) You might as well get used to it.

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