Tracking expenses for an upcoming holiday trip


I have a goal of 1000 Euros by end of July which is 80% and will be 100% competed on my next pay check this coming month end. 

However I need to still make some bookings (flights/hotels etc) before the goal is completed. 

What would be the best way to track these expenses. Should I categorise them against the goal category (vacation)? Or should I edit my goal and make it 1000 - X Euros where X is the total expenses for the bookings? 

What would be the best approach here 

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  • I would just remove the goal since you know you are adding it. And remove the money as it is needed. I tend to write as part of my description what I need and not use the goal features too often. 

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      jennie_hi Thank you very much. This makes sense now. I will convert the goal to budget and start using it. 

  • This is a common scenario, and YNAB doesn't have the type of Goal you really need. You might send a feature request to YNAB saying you need a Goal for "Total Budgeted by Date" and describe this Vacation scenario.

    But yes, you should categorize these against Vacation AND edit the goal to reduce the target amount.

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    I would simply remove the goal once you are fully funded. If you were funded in June but not spending anything until July, I would leave the goal alone. But no sense having a yellow alert when it's not really real.

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