Find which hidden account has a balance?

Howdy gang!

I'm a longtime YNAB user and have several dozen hidden categories from retiring old debts and savings goals over the years. At some point, I managed to hide one with a balance of $1.38 in it. So every time I log in I see that $1.38 at the bottom... without a job... mocking me.

Is there a quick way to find which hidden category has the money in it without unhiding and hiding them one at a time?


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  • I created a Hidden master category and moved all my hidden categories into it. Makes it easy to unhide and rehide them all. 

  • One by one, unfortunately. Long ago I feature-requested that the Available amount be shown during the Unhide process... no takers. 

  • On the web, unhide all categories, find the $1.38 category, then click “undo.” Now unhide only that one category. 

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    • WordTenor Thank you, that did the trick.

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