Plaid sucks! Is it going to get any better?

Ever since the switch to Plaid, reconnecting my banks has been an absolute chore.  I have two Capital One accounts -- they were already a pain in the butt, and I realize that it's from problems outside of YNAB's control, but it's gotten even worse with Plaid.


Every day, assuming Plaid will connect at all (so far it's connected about every other day, and I think there was a stretch of about four days where it wasn't working at all), I have to:


  1. Click the reconnect button
  2. Click "Accept" to the message that tells me you've switched to Plaid, even though I've agreed to it many times now
  3. Enter my username and password for that Capital One account, which is especially annoying because the interface doesn't play well with LastPass
  4. Request my SMS code
  5. Wait for it to show up
  6. Enter it
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 a second time -- it NEVER works the first time

Only then does the import actually work.  And because I have two different Capital One accounts I have to do that entire process twice, every day.


This SUCKS.  It makes me want to quit the service.  I was hoping the switch to Plaid would make this process smoother but it seems to have made it much, much worse.  


Is this still a work in progress?  Or will this workflow remain the same indefinitely?  And don't you dare blow smoke up my butt, if you tell me it will change and it doesn't I will absolutely demand my money back over this.

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  • Same here,  when I told them the rep just said it was resolved.  It isnt.

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  • Exact same issues here. Just sent off email to [email protected] Hopefully they come up with a solution or I'm gonna have to find an alternative!

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      Cornflower Blue Tiger Unfortunately, there are few programs that work like YNAB.  I came this way after using Mvelopes for a few years, then they decided to force a beta on everyone that didn't work anything like it did before. 

      Now, YNAB decides to switch to an apparent non-import partner.

      Not many choices out there other than Mint (Free) or Every Dollar ($130).

  • Lavender Router I've just sent you an email, and I think we can get this working a lot better for you.

    With the recent migration to Plaid, direct import issues have been a popular topic, but we aren’t able to troubleshoot Bank Importing issues in the forum.

    Anyone else who's having issues: please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running!

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but you can still chime in on the other Plaid threads that are open if you’d like to discuss things with your fellow YNABers!

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