Question about Savings Goals and Debt pay-off categories - How to?


I have a "Debt" main category, which lists the different debts that I pay monthly. Once I have finished paying off a certain debt, I want to get it out of my sight. This means I hide the category. However, I still would like to see these paid debts in my reports when I check how much I have spent on different things. What is the solution?

The same goes for my Savings Goals main category. For example, I have had a piano there, and I have budgeted monthly toward it. When I have sufficient funds and I have bought the piano, I don't want it to show in my Savings Goals as a category anymore - the same problem as mentioned above.

How do you guys do this?


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  • Hi sekibutsu !

    Currently, there isn't a way to show individual hidden categories in reports. To see them in reports, you have to unhide them first and then re-hide them once you're done. If you move your individual categories to a "Finished Categories" category group, you can hide and unhide the entire group at once to make the process a bit faster.

    You can let our Product Team know you'd like to see the option of including Hidden Categories in reports by submitting a Feature Request. :)

  • Create a "Mostly Hidden" or "Completed Savings/Debt" category group into which you can move a completed category. These will then still show up on reports. Normally collapsed and positioned at the bottom, it is largely out of the way. 

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      MXMOM I also move my categories around. For example, I have stuff in the Wish Farm that may come to fruition and when it's "on" I create a group and break it down further. Then later I hide the whole group. An example of this was our (now cancelled aka postponed) trip to Germany. It started as a wish farm single category called Germany trip. We estimated the total amount we would need for everything and created a savings goal. When it became a reality, I created a category group called Germany trip and moved the category from the wish farm group to the Germany trip group. Then we created line items for each major portion of the trip (flights, meals, accommodations, etc .) and created spending goals for each (spending goals allow you to spend some of the money but still stay on track - was so happy when these were introduced a while back). Then we redistribute the funds from the Germany trip category that had budgeted money in it and got a clearer picture of the expenses and topped up any categories as we went along. Then the idea was that we would hide the whole group once the trip was over.  

      I know it sounds really complicated but its not, especially since you can set up the goals. When it came time to distribute the budget amounts, I just zeroed out the Germany trip category (which goes to TBB). and then clicked all the new line items and click underfunded. In our case, we were still short a bit of money, so then we finessed the amounts like food since we didn't need that until the actual trip in May but flights needed money earlier. 

      Here is the screenshot of the setup. In the snapshot (from March), all the categories are selected so we get the total amount underfunded (which here was $0 as we already had done the funding).  Since the trip was cancelled, we reallocated the money elsewhere and set new goals.  You will see from the 2nd shot (April) you will see that there are underfunded amounts in the total of $692.94.

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