Removing a category group

I set up a category group for my credit cards which is redundant - tried to remove, but could only hide.  Not acceptable - how do I remove?

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  • Hi David Wheeler !

    YNAB handles credit cards in a special way, so when you add a credit card account it automatically creates a category for that credit card and it can't be deleted. When you budget for expenses in your categories, and then use your credit card to make those purchases, YNAB moves money from your spending categories to your credit card category to set money aside to pay off the credit card bill.

    To learn more about how credit cards work in YNAB, take a look at our Quick Start Guide to Credit Cards and consider taking our Master Credit Cards with your Budget workshop or check out our Budget for Credit Cards video course!

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    • yesFaness  I have been putting money from my budget toward my credit card, but have been paying it off with my checking account - not the balance saved to the credit card - I have a huge number that I can't seem to get rid of....ideas?

    • David Wheeler Those payments should be entered as transfers from your Checking account to your Credit Card (because you're taking money out of your Checking and putting it towards your credit card to pay down the balance).

      To do this, you'll need to select the correct Payee for that payment.Instead of a category, there will be a "Payment" payee. It will be an outflow in your checking account and an inflow in your credit card account.

      To record a credit card payment yourself try these steps:

      • Click on the credit card account in the account list to view your Register.
      • Click Record Payment.
      • Select the date, the account the payment is coming from, enter a memo if you’d like, and (if needed) change the amount. By default, the inflow field is populated with the amount you have set aside for the Payment.
      • Click Save and you’re done! The payment will be reflected in your Credit Card Payment category just as you’d expect. If you have your account set up for Direct Import and this payment imports later, it will automatically match with the one you entered. Easy peasy.

      To see this in action, check out this video from our Using Your YNAB Budget video course. 

      Once you change those payments, it should update your Available balances in each credit card category. Give that a try and let me know how things look afterwards! :)

  • Do you still have categories under the group?

    • dakinemaui Yes I do...three cards Amex; Visa; Target cards

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      David Wheeler I don't believe you can delete the group as long as anything is contained in it.

      If any those cards has an associated on-budget account, you should delete the relevant CC category that you created. However, that's problematic if you have transactions against that category. So, the question at this point is have you recorded any payments? If so, were they transfers or did you categorize the outflow to the CC category you created?

      David Wheeler said:
      I have a huge number that I can't seem to get rid of

      If you mean in the built-in CC Payment category, that's probably because it's looking at your payment (against the category you created) as just another budgeted purchase. Your payments should be transfers (in the payee field) with no category. You should also change the budget entry to use the built-in category.

      Also in the budget, the CC Payment category Available amount should never be more than the debt (i.e., account balance). If the category is too high, move the excess elsewhere in the budget. If you view this as a paid-in-full card, the category should exactly match the account balance (as a positive number).

      Lastly, you should reconcile your CC account (all your accounts, really). The goal is for the YNAB cleared balance to match the real-world balance.

  • if you are referring to the credit card payment categories that ynab creates automatically, the only way to get rid of them is to convert the credit card accounts to checking type accounts.

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