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Hi folks,

I need to set a savings goal of $125 a month every month in order to pay for a medical expense of $500 which comes around every 4 months. However, in my medical category, I also have other monthly medical expenses which come out of this. 

So, it would seem that my logical choice would be to use a 'Target Balance' saving goal (as the other two options seem to be quite happy so long as I budget more than $125 irrespective of what I've paid.

However, the problem with the 'Target Balance' goal would see to be that I need to reset this every 4 months. Is there a way to say to YNAB that I need to save $500 every 4 months?



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  • Hi! Have you thought about splitting that category out from your main goal? You can then set a "Need for Spending" goal for $500, then set your next target date. Then check the "Repeat" checkbox, and repeat every four months.

    If your other medical expenses are pretty set, you could just compute your average, and budget that every month.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Consider using a Spend By goal -- which does repeat -- on a dedicated category to save the $500.

    I suspect YNAB will add the repeat option to Target Balance at some point.

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