Dark Theme!

Thank you thank you thank you!  (Did I say thank you?)  Thank you!

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  • I like the new light default theme. Is it possible use Classic balance colors with new default theme? It's hard to see these new light colours.

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    • Jari Glad to hear it! The pill colors are custom for each theme, and there isn't an option to mix & match. I will pass your feedback on to the team, to let them know you'd like to see that!

    • Nicole Yes! I will most likely prefer the old teal theme with the newer pill colors, unless I like dark mode better.

      Faness Thanks for replying on the other thread, btw!

  • Wish I knew what your talking about but I guess I'm at the end of the line for this rollout.

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  • Just got mine enabled today, thanks Nicole .  I played around with them some.  I like the new default theme but something clashes.  I think maybe the top banner needs to be a different color.  It clashes with the scheduled transaction color and the master category headings as they are the same shade of grey.  Might be better to make the top banner color the same dark blue as the left hand side, that would look sharp.   

    The dark theme is very nice as well but I will probably use the default the most, it is nice to have 3 options to choose from.


    Love the adjustable side borders! :)

    • ynaber2613 I thought I'd use Default, but have gone to the dark side. 😎 I see what you mean about the header and scheduled transactions being very similar on Default. I'll send that along to the team!

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    • Nicole Actually after using it for a few days I have grown to like the top banner on the default screen as is LOL.  I think they have the right balance of colors, which is always a suggestive thing.

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    • ynaber2613 No it looks objectively out of place.  Like an afterthought.  Have the banner a consistent color.  It clashes with itself and the rest of the page as it is right now. 

    • Saish Dawg Figured out the issue.  It was the Toolkit feature to highlight the current month blue.  Disabled it, and all looks sharp and well.  Would be nice if they could modify the Toolkit to take account of the current theme, but all dark looks nice enough that highlighting the current month is just a nice to have. 

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    • Saish Dawg The new themes caused a number of display hiccups with the toolkit. I believe they're aware of all of them now, but I'm not sure how they plan to adjust going forward.

    • Faness Thanks.  I have a workaround disabling that one setting, and now everything looks great. 

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