No Undo in account screen

If I want to reverse an entry in an account, the only way I can do it is go to the Budget Screen.  Why is that?  It's very inconvient.

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  • If you are talking about a transaction in an account, you can click on the button to the left of the transaction. It will highlight the transaction. Then go up to the Edit button.  It will say Edit (1) to show that you are editing one transaction. Click on it and it will give you different options including delete. You can also move it to another account if you put it in the wrong one.

  • Hmm, you may wish to reach out to Support because I have Undo/Redo buttons in my account views.

  • Hey lang510 - I'd love to hear a bit more about what you're trying to do in your budget! Are you hoping to delete a transaction in your account register, or undo an action in your budget, perhaps? Let me know! I'd love to help you figure out what's going on here! 

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      Rachel  OK, I figured out what was going on. I don't have the "undo/redo" button on any of my credit card accounts. I do see it on all my other accounts. Instead, I see a "record payment" and "..." as the options on the top for all my credit card accounts in place of the undo/redo option that appears on all my other accounts.  Also, I do not have an option to go edit/undo on any of my accounts.

  • I found the undo button but I swear it wasn't there when I was working on YNAB this morning. So thanks for replying to my question.

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