1. The FIRST Question 2. Using GOALS to Improve Behavior IRL

1. My neighbor is moving and selling her UPS. Should I buy it? Could I use one? Yes! The power here cuts off/on multiple times per week. Is it good quality/price? Yes! I've been researching for a while. Do I have the money? No! My 'home stuff' category is empty and I don't want to move money from any other categories; they're all higher priorities. This should have been the FIRST question! It voids all the others. No UPS (no biggie-I've lived this long w/out one) but no debt and no short-changing my true priorities!!! YNAB WIN!!!

2. I HATE grocery shopping. I set up a 'monthly' GOAL for groceries: meaning the amount in the grocery category won't build up over time, it'll just reset to the goal amount on the first of each month. I accidentally created a use or lose situation for myself. It's Jan 27 and if I don't get my butt to the grocery store ASAP I'm going to 'lose' the rest of my January grocery money. A rare case of wanting to spend more. (It actually saves more b/c if I don't have groceries in the house I'll order take-out) YNAB WIN!!!

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  • Hi Kensington !

    Thank you for sharing your insights here! :)

    My train of thought is similar when questioning a purchase. I check the category for the funds and if I'm short, I ask myself if this purchase is more important than other categories I could move money from. Sometimes it is and other times I walk away with affirmation I made the right decision.

    Also, I just changed my Groceries category from a monthly funding goal to a spending goal. I'm curious to see what effect this ends up having on my budget going forward.

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      Faness I have 2 categories with a monthly spending goal, and like you, it's mostly for curiosity.  I did Restaurants and "Personal Care."  Two categories that are a high priority as far as my quality of life, but 90% discretionary, and often underbudgeted and overspent.  Still went over the last two months, but Jan. I might just squeak by.

      Hot Tip:  When budgeting the next month a little early, hit the quick budget "Spent last Month" to quickly get it up to the goal amount without doing ugly simple math yourself :).  

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