How do I solve this? Credit card category not matching credit card account


I have a credit card that I pay off every month.  I used to pay off the bill amount every month, but I went ahead and paid down to zero one month, and now I just pay the entire thing off monthly.  However, there was a glitch where it didn't import some of the transactions, so things got a bit off.  So here is my situation this month:  My credit card account when I checked it says I owe X, which is what it says in my YNAB account page, and which has been reconciled.  My YNAB budget category is X - 6.90.  There was a transaction for 6.90 on July 31st, but that's been reconciled, etc.  The really confusing thing to me is that when I look at the details, it says "If you pay X - 6.90, your account balance will be -6.90 and you'll decrease your debt by 88.59."  It did carry over 94.99 in spending from July, probably things that were pending at the end of the month and thus not paid off at that point.

I am sending the credit card X amount by Sept 2, so at that point everything should be zeroed out.  X includes the only pending transaction for this month.  What do I need to do to zero out the category balance, so that those will remain in sync in the future?  Add 6.90 to it?  Subtract 6.90?  I get confused with credit and the categories, which is why I like the category to match the account balance!


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  • Hi Aquamarine Unicorn ! If you pay off your credit card every month, you'll want the Credit Card Payment category to be a green and positive match of the amount you owe on the card. If your account balance is -$570, you'd want +$570 available to pay that to $0:

    In your case, you'll need to add $6.90 and the amount you owe to get your Credit Card Payment category to that point. If you're covering your credit card expenses as they occur, this is a one time fix. (Perhaps because of a balance adjustment - that spending hasn't been covered in your budget). 

  • Some advice, if you pay your card balance down to zero and have a transaction on the same date as the payment, the category can go wonky because of the order it processes the transactions. My suggestion since you are a Pay In Full CC user is just to pay the statement balance monthly and not the full balance on the card, which will prevent this sort of wonkiness from rearing itself.

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