Credit Card Balance Rarely Matches Payment Needed

For the past many months, I'm having a persistent issue with one credit card. I pay my card in full (according to the bank's statement) on the due date, but YNAB never has enough in the "available" category for my card. My "cleared balance", "working balance", and bank statement are all matching up--but my "available balance" for CC payment is off by $21.62. 


I've checked numerous threads and can't seem to find the error. @Matthew or others, are you able to do some digging on the backend to identify the discrepancy? Thanks in advance! 

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  • Have you looked through previous months to see if there is any overspending??

  • If you pay your card in full, one other culprit could be that in one month you had overspending, paid the card more than what was in your category, generated TBB/RTA as a result, and then didn’t deal with it that month slash didn’t realize you needed to do something special. 

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  • Just assign the money to the category and move on.

    In the future, correct overspending as it happens and don't pay more than the available amount and you'll avoid most of the issues that arise with the CC payment categories.

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  • Hi, Holly! I just sent you an email to work thorough what's going on in this Credit Card Payment category.

    This month, the best thing to do is what nolesrule suggested: make a one-time adjustment to your Credit Card Payment category and then stay on top of overspending in the future. Be sure to check in hidden categories for overspending, too, as sometimes it can lurk there. ;)

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