Stayed within available amount!

So I've worn through the soles of my work shoes. Mostly just the heel in the back, but the front sole is getting thin, too. So I need new shoes. I've been mostly getting my shoes from Zappos, when I need them. I realize this isn't the cheapest method, but I have tiny feet, and they're most likely to have shoes in my size range. 

Anyway. We had to use up points things for work because they're changing the system, and I was able to get a gift card to Zappos. So shoe buying time it is. I've also been saving up in my clothing category for this, but still had several months to go to get to where I need to be.

Before I went shopping, I looked at my budget and decided where I would WAM from if I needed more than the gift cards + clothing. I was all prepared to WAM.  So I went shopping, made my purchase, and have $0.29 left in the category! 

Without YNAB, I wouldn't have been setting aside money in the clothing category. I wouldn't have planned where to pull money from. I would have just spent my savings and been anxious about having money for the next thing that comes up. I want anxious at all this time!

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  • Whew! Way to go, Fuzzball Meows ! For the past two years at our virtual YNAB Retreat we've been gifted with a snack budget and it's always a de facto contest to see who can get closest to the budgeted amount without going over. I think you'd give our whole team a run for their money! ;) 

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